Investment scope

Linbo Invest is an investor in the Nordic domain focusing on private and public investment opportunities. While we believe each opportunity must be approached pragmatically and without a blueprint, the investments made by Linbo Invest classically encompass traits such as:

  • Management teams with a strong drive for transformation
  • Business models to achieve scalability and long term viability
  • Established customer relationships and a proven route to market
  • Sustainble from a societal perspective

Below is an extract of current partnerships and previous engagements. Additional information will be supplied upon request.


Mentimeter is an interactive presentation platform that transforms conventional presentations into interactive experiences where everyone’s voice is heard. With more than 100 million users and customers all over the world, Mentimeter engage and inspire your audience to talk less and listen more, one Menti at a time.

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Lingio provides world class Swedish courses focused on specific job sectors through dialogues, word lists and texts that are truly relevant to employees or employees to be. With a unique approach combining AI, game mechanics and human coaches, Lingio offers the most efficient and fun way to learn professional Swedish.

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RemissHjälpen is an online healthcare company. In addition to supporting public and private patients with care, RemissHjälpen has developed one of the largest data bases in Sweden containing information on treatment queue status, specific medical information for different care providers, and medical referral routines.

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Gardenize is a platform for those of us who have, or wish to have, green fingers. The app and web interface provide users with neccessary digital gardening tools in order to manage and maintain various cultivations and plants, while its growing community aim to inspire, engage and educate.

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BTJ is a B2B supplier of media services (media products and information services). BTJ connect physical or digital media to information about them, so that clients can find the right media, in the right amount of time, and for the right price. BTJ's clients are mainly knowledge and research-related businesses such as libraries, universities, companies and organizations.

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Antiphon manufactures and markets acoustic solutions. The company supports its customers towards a good acoustic environment in and around their products and assist around requirements for improving Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH). Antiphon is recognised for having a broad range of high quality products to meet customers' acoustic demands and finding the right noise reducing solution.

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technical consulting firm

online equestrian sports retailer 

elderly and primary care

management consulting

general online clothing retailer

online fashion retailer

hunting and sports ammunition manufacturer

outdoor digital advertising

real estate development

upper secondary education provider

online multi size clothing retailer

dust bag concept "one size fits all"