Working hand in hand with a spectrum of companies


It all began in 1985 with Lars Wiklund founding his first company within the Swedish financial sector. Subsequently, Lars started investing minority shares in unlisted companies, and in 1995 Linbo Invest was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since its inception, Linbo Invest has made over 30 investments in a wide variety of sectors and at different growth stages (see Investments for more information). On top of these, a number of companies have been co-founded and actively supported at all stages of growth and development.


Johan Wiklund


Johan has been actively engaged within the financial sector and management consulting.

His most recent appointment was with Erneholm Haskel, helping entrepreneurs, corporations and investment companies with M&A and corporate finance related advisory in both private and public situations. Johan’s professional experience includes Nordea Investment Banking and Askus Consulting.

Educational background; Uppsala University and National University of Singapore.

Lars Wiklund


Lars comes with more than 35 years of experiences in the Swedish business domain.

In addition to founding Linbo Invest, and working as an investor, Lars has had active roles supporting large cap companies, management teams and boards of directors with strategic management and financial advisory.

Educational background; Stockholm School of Economics (SSE).

Our network

We acknowledge that no one knows everything. At the same time, great things happen when we pool different skill sets. Over the years we have built a solid network of industry specialists that we draw on based on the particular case at hand. In this way, the companies we invest in can reap the rewards of a unique blend of people who are leaders in their field of business.

Our belief in collaboration means that we will happily include additional investors: people we believe have the capacity to contribute to and benefit from the successful advancement of growth companies